Crack Sealing

Every summer the Street Department employees along with summer students, apply a tarry substance to the joints and cracking areas in the pavements of both concrete and asphalt streets. This has been proven to lengthen the life of the street by sealing out water that eventually destroys the base or creates potholes. By using our own forces and equipment we can save the City money that can be used to do other projects.

Concrete Replacement

The Street Department also replaces defective slabs on concrete streets and although we do much of this work every summer, we can not keep up with the work needed. This work is done at a significant saving over having the work done on a contract basis. Many of our concrete streets are older and have fulfilled their useful projected life.


Using our backhoes we remove siltation and debris from the many ditches that drain the area. If you have an area that you feel needs attention, please give us a call.

Pipe Replacement

The Cities policy on pipe replacement has been a fifty- fifty policy in that the owner pay for the pipe and we will install the pipe. This is for replacement only. New installations are dealt with on an individual basis. Please call for information.

Rebuilding & Replacement of Catch Basins

Every year the summer students and City employees rebuild between 50 and 100 catch basins. With the freeze thaw cycle in Ohio the top 3-4 feet of the structures deteriorate over time and need attention. These are gradually being replaced with concrete structures to assure longer life between rebuilds. A savings is realized at around 60 percent over contacting this work out.

Sign Placement

With around 3300 signs on our roadways there is always something happening in our sign shop. We have a computerized inventory and production plotter and comply with ODOT specifications. City Council and Safety Director authorize all signs. Among the problems are theft, vandalizing and accidents that require replacement of signs.

Striping of Pavements

City personnel do Striping of pavements and all directive markings. Major striping of center and edge lines is contracted on a yearly basis, as the machines are very expensive to do this type of painting. In some area a thermoplastic marking material is used that lasts four to five times that of regular traffic paint.

Leaf Pick-Up

Leaf pick-up is from Mid October to Mid December. We usually come to your house five to twelve times a season. Please rake leaves to the curb and leave them on the tree lawn. If they are raked into the street you may be required to remove them, as they cause flooding, restrict traffic lanes, and could cause accidents.

The discoloring that the leaves cause is dormant grass that will return to green in the spring. It normally does not kill the grass. As close as possible we follow a schedule that is updated daily on Wadsworth Cable television Channel 17. Weather and volume of leaves as well as equipment breakdowns causes us to run behind. Please be patient as we will be there as quickly as possible.

Pavement Widening

Some of the orange barrels that you encounter are City Projects that improve traffic flow. The Street Department has undertaken a few of these projects such as the widening at the High School and the widening at Hartman and Broad Street intersections. These again are done at a savings over contracting.

Parking Lot Construction

Many parking lots for City buildings and the every increasing park areas have been built with city forces handling the duties.