Municipal Court

The Wadsworth Municipal Court hears cases in the jurisdiction of the court (see below). These include civil cases, which are small claims up to $6,000 and regular civil docket, up to $15,000, along with traffic and criminal cases, including misdemeanor traffic and criminal offenses committed within court's jurisdiction. Felony charges are handled up to the point of preliminary hearing. The honorable Judge Stephen B. McIlvaine resides over the court.


  • City of
    • Wadsworth
  • Villages of
    • Lodi
    • Seville
    • Westfield Center
  • Townships of
    • Gloria Glens Park Township
    • Guilford
    • Harrisville
    • Homer
    • Sharon
    • Wadsworth
    • Westfield

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You may access your driving record through the BMV website.

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